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The Fiction of Colonial Malaya

The Fiction of Colonial Malaya

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This highly original and – indeed bound to become seminal – study by Dr Mohammad Rashidi Pakri takes the student and scholar of Malaysian and world literature on a highly stimulating literary adventure as daring as those undertaken by the four authors he examines, Frank Swettenham, Hugh Clifford, George Maxwell and Anthony Burgess. For so long the unique case of colonial Malaya’s literary output, by these representatives of empire, have been harshly and simplistically judged merely because their works were penned at the height of Britain’s imperial project. Dr Pakri has now elevated the discourse and convincingly illustrated how these texts now become welcome additions to the postcolonial canon, once we begin to view the works on their own terms with the tools we have out our disposal today. The Fiction of Colonial Malaya makes an invaluable contribution to a more fulsome appreciation of the intricacies of colonial Malaya’s literary responses to its place in history and indeed to Malaysia’s place in world literature.